Saturday, July 24, 2010


This month we choose to giveaway a 4 oz sugar scrub of your choice. I'd have to say our sugar scrubs are probably one of my favorite products! They are great to use for your weekly exfoliation routine. They also work great for shaving. While your using the sugar scrub, it starts to turn into a wonderful rich, foaming lather that is perfect to just grab your razor and start shaving. You'll never have smoother legs! It's also a great product to use on the bikini zone before shaving. It helps to prevent those horrible little red bumps.
Our sugar scrubs contian:
NO Parabens
NO Propylene Glycol

Instructions on how to enter:

For 1 entry, visit our shop and leave a comment telling us your favorite item.

For 1 entry, follow our blog.

For 2 entries, mention our giveaway in either your facebook, twitter or blog. Leave a link in a comment.

For 1 entry, give us an idea on a new sugar scrub.

Giveaway ends midnight, July 31st. A winner will be picked and contacted on or by August 2nd. The winner will have 48 hours to respond, otherwise I will pick a new winner. Please be sure to leave your contact information, so we can contact you if your the winner!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Adventure

We recently took a family vacation, or as our boys like to call "an adventure". We took a 3 and half and 5 year old on a 21 hour road trip to upstate NY. So as you can imagine it was a REAL adventure! It was great to go back home and visit our families. It was also nice to just be able to spend time with one another. It made us realize how much we miss home and how much we want to raise our two little guys there.

Being away from the everyday stresses of life gave me time to think about what else, but SOAP!

We have about 20 new soaps that will be coming out in the next few months. We also are going to be releasing some new bath products that we're REALLY excited about. We hope to have most of it done by mid - September. I'll try to do my best to post about them as we add them to our shop. I'll also try to do better about our monthly giveaways. I still hope to do one this month, so check back to sign up so you don't miss out!


We are having our $1.00 shipping sale again. Each item ships anywhere in the US for only $1.00. There's also great discounts on international shipping as well. Any shipping overages over $1.00 will be credited to your paypal account. The sale ends midnight July 25th.